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ILLUMISHADE - World's End (Official Music Video)

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"World's End" is the first single of the upcoming ILLUMISHADE debut album. ➞ SUBSCRIBE to ILLUMISHADE YouTube: http://bit.ly/illumishade_youtube ➞ STREAM/DOWNLOAD World's End from january 31st on: https://www.illumishade.ch/worldsend ➞ MERCHANDISE Official Shop: https://www.illumishade.ch/store Video by Panda Productions: www.pandaproductions.be Mixing: Claudio Rodriguez www.claudiorodriguez.ch Take the official ILLUMISHADE 'tribe quiz' to find out which tribe you belong to by destiny and designation and learn more about the others here: http://bit.ly/illumishade_tribes ------- FOLLOW ILLUMISHADE ------- • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/illumishade/ • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/illumishade_official/ • Spotify from january 31st on: ILLUMISHADE official • Website: https://www.illumishade.ch/
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